Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday - Day before Surgery

Sunday. Mother's Day. I led the music this morning. I kinda messed up one part of Hymn #146 - where the organ plays music and no one sings..... No one seemed to notice. Whew! We got fudge as a Mother's Gift instead of flowers. Jacob asked why I didn't go for the Sugar Free fudge (as a diabetic and member of Weight Watchers, I should have!) I told him that I wanted the REAL stuff. It was good.

Mom and Dad surprised us and came yesterday. Yea! They are so much fun to have around. Mom is crocheting and Dad is working on his laptop. We just got back from visiting the Columbia River Temple and showing them around so that they can help out getting the kids places, etc. I want them to stay forever. I'm afraid that we'll be so noisy and obnoxious that they'll get tired of us and leave for Utah in a couple of weeks.

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