Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oncologist appointment

Today I finally got my oncology appointment. Max met me at the Cancer Center. Dr. Chenal reiterated that I would need Chemo. He's very, very, VERY thorough in his explanations. He wanted to know if I was interested in participating in a study - to find out if cancers like mine (HER2 negative) really need treatment with a particular common medication. That medication (they're all TOXIC) can cause heart problems and allergic reactions. I'm not sure that I want to participate in the study. It takes extra weeks to complete since the treatments are 3 weeks apart instead of 2. There would also be extra exams/tests for the next 5 years. And there's a possibility that my insurance wouldn't cover the chemo since the drug combination is considered experimental.

As soon as I tell him if I want to participate in the study I will start the chemotherapy. Probably by the end of next week. I need to get a blood test done tomorrow. He has also requested a CT scan for me which will be on Tuesday (June 3rd, 2pm) in Richland. Monday I need to pick up a couple of bottles of gunk to drink before my test. If the CT scan shows possibilities of cancer elsewhere, they will do a PET scan on me and if that's positive, they would do a biopsy. I'm already feeling beat up. I know that I haven't even begun this chemo ordeal, but I'd like to get off the cancer treatment merry-go-round already.

I went after work to Just Hair with Tracy, Sherry, Teresa and my mom where we tried on wigs. It was scary at first, but then I got the hang of it! I almost got one similar to my current hairstyle. The consensus was "too matronly," So I ordered one that is longer on top and more fashionable. It's pretty cute. Tomorrow I will post the photos.

P.S. Dr. Chenal told me first thing when I came in that he had had my appointment rescheduled from last Wednesday (post surgery) because when he got the call from the hospital that I was on my way, he didn't think that I'd be coherent enough to understand everything he had to tell me. Sigh. So much for my meticulous planning......

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