Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday thoughts

It's Friday - finally. We found room this week for my parents to stay with us by switching kidlets around to various bedrooms. The house is put back together - mostly. Max got some pizzas - most of the kids were off with activities tonight.

I go in for a lumpectomy (partial mastectomy) Monday at 9am. Today I went in for genetic counseling. The counselor reviewed my genealogy - she pointed out that since Grandma Della Harward died of breast cancer when she was 46 and her daughter, my Aunt Maxine, died of ovarian cancer and now me with breast cancer, there is a high chance that this is a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. Either that, or an amazing coincidence of related cancers in my dad's family. I agreed on the spot to have a blood test done that will tell me in 21 days if I have this mutation. If the answer is "yes," I have a 90% chance of additional breast/ovarian cancer by the time I hit my 70s. I am also concerned for my sister and nieces.

A very glad moment today was when I found out that my insurance will be covering the surgery, chemo and radiation at 100%. The trick will be to stay well enough to go to work in June and again in September to keep the health insurance. I wonder what the chemotherapy will do to me - besides take away my hair. Being nauseous has got to be the worst feeling ever to me. Cross my fingers. Say some prayers.

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tifiny said...

To my amazing sister,
You have such a great love for life and are always so positive with anything that has ever been placed in your path. I love you so much and I am so proud that you are my sister.
Earl woke me up this morning around 2:30 to tell me that my window boxes were being destroyed by the wind, so I jumped up and ran outside to save my pink petunias. I feel like as long as they are beautiful and happy everything will be just fine, in more ways that one.