Friday, May 16, 2008

My Family

Everyone in my family has reacted to this cancer differently. Heather has been very sensitive and is worried that I might not be around for her wedding day (still in the planning stages - she needs to find a groom first.) When Stephen found out, his eyes got large and he thought out loud: "If you died, that would mean that I can play X-Box all day long!" Jacob has been nonchalant about it, but he couldn't drive home from driver's ed the day I had surgery and he'd had to visit the school counselor that day. Taija is ever concerned and eager to help out. Kyle acted out but when I gave him some words (the Amen technique) he admitted that he was worried and wondered if I would lose my hair like Sister Dickman did when she had cancer and chemotherapy. (Pretty amazing, considering that he's developmentally delayed and Lois' cancer was about 3 years ago.) My hubby, Max, thanked me the day after my announcement for having such a good attitude. Besides that bad Friday, I've only cried once or twice for a few minutes. I've been buoyed up by everyone's prayers and well wishes! Thank you everyone for supporting me!


mandikins said...

oh and lisa! I miss and love you so much! when heather told me, I couldn't help but cry. But from what i hear you are very strong, which makes me want to be strong for you! I don't know if you know but my mom's sister also has breast cancer, so it's on both sides of the family, so I wrote a blog to you both on my myspace. if heather gets time one day have her show you. anyway, take care!!!! we love you and pray for you! Love, mandi (harward)romney xoxoxox

Tracy said...

Lisa, we are so honered to be working in the same cl;assroom with you. You have been an inspiration to all of us. Your courage and your strength has been extrodinary! I believe people come into our lives for a reason and I now know why you have become a part of my life.
I have always felt that you should receive a "Mother of the year award," and I still do, but now you need an award for the way you have handled every "bump in your road." I know God sends angels down to earth to help with his work and you are one of them.
May God bless you and never forget how much I care and love you.