Thursday, May 29, 2008


Our Kitty Skye looks pretty awkward giving herself a bath. I'm also feeling awkward - the port feels weird under my skin. I currently have 5 incisions in my chest, making sleeping on my side (preferred method of sleep) almost impossible. Let's see... which side is least uncomfortable? The infection has calmed down on my left side so that helps! I have 6 down pillows and a new squishy rolled one - that Carol Hansen gave me. I form them all into a nice little nest & get some rest. I seem to need a lot lately.

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Lois said...

Hi Lisa,
I remember the feeling well, a nest is a good description. Sometimes when I couldn't get comfortable in bed anymore, I'd move out to the recliner - with pillows, of course! Carol gave me a squishy pillow too, I loved it. It molded just right to support my arm. You'll find it's nice just for hugging when you're not feeling the greatest, too.
How did it go at the oncologist today? I think about you all the time - give me a call, if you'd like to talk - I'd love to.