Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Our youngest is really acting up. He does things to purposely upset us. He told us he would be sick until Saturday. We had to keep him off the tv and his bicycle yesterday - repeatedly. Then, we told him he'd be at school today regardless of his being "sick" or not. We couldn't find anything for him to be sick about. Maybe it's me that he's worried about.... I've talked to him a number of times "Mommy is sick. That's upsetting to a lot of people...." We'll see.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mom and Dad are here...

My mom and dad are here to help out. And boy, do they EVER help!!!!!!! I would rely on hubby's family, but Mom R went and had complications of diabetes and then broke three of her toes when she passed out the other day.... you get the picture. There's a race going to see which of us is the most helpless!

If my back would just cooperate, I'd be the picture of health. I can't believe the diagnosis. In fact, I had the nurse send me a printout of my record. They're talking about me all right: 49 year old woman... previous breast cancer... found in the tailbone... It says, in 5 pages, that I have cancer all up and down.

I checked and last year i had 4 MRI's or CT scans - all showing I had "healthy bones" healthy lungs, etc. Karen told me that even tho her cancer came back into the bones, her cancer markers show she is cancer-free! I guess I fall into that category. We'll get more information come Friday.

Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for thinking of me and sending me the message of hope! Day 4

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was just about to change my post and remove the parts about cancer. Then it happened again. No one had greasy fingers, bubblegum on their chair or needed the MRI to blow their nose. No. It's cancer. There is a tumor on my tailbone. One on my collar bone (now that one makes me grouchy - I asked about it several times last year and was reassured by doctors.....)

I told the kids that they could talk with me about it whenever... I think it's unbelievable, sad and funny. T about died when I told her the funny part. What's funny about it? Well..... I've always wanted to know what was inside J's brain... why he acts the way he does. Now I'll finally get my chance to find out!

Really, though, I'll just surprise everyone! I might hang around here longer than anyone else..

(p.s. Just to show you how goofy this medication makes me.... the lady doing the bone scan asked me when and where I had the MRI done. And I didn't know. I thought about it for over an hour and finally remembered I had it done in Richland a few days beforehand and a guy was the technician. And I left my insulin pump on - oooops - we discovered too late. Now the pump is history! Had to get a new one overnited to me... just takes me a bit longer to remember, which can be good.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The spice of life....

Cancer seems to pop up every time I go about my every day life. It's the spice to my new life.

My back has been on the fritz the last few weeks. I've had tests to see if it was the disc and last week I had an MRI. I went in yesterday to find out about it and to start the fix-er-up part. The doctor read from the radiologist's report. He pointed out where I'd had surgery ealier. He showed me where the bulging disc was this time around.... But what was really interesting them was the cancer that they found in my tail bone. WHAT????? We did that already! It was in my left breast. They cut it out. I did chemo. I did radiation..... so what was this new thing all about?

The doctor said I'd need to put off fixing the bulging disc for the time being (more days of being in la la land due to the meds...) and get a bone scan to find out what was going on. "We have to find out why this bone changes color right here." Well, I'll tell you what it is.... somebody just got back from lunch and he had greasy fingers and streaked the MRI film.... or there was some bubble gum stuck to the chair and they used the mri to scrape it up.... something. something. It has to be something like that.

This afternoon (Priscilla told them at the front desk that we wanted a rush done on this test!) I got a shot of some nuclear medicine. I went back 4 hours later with Max and they did a body scan - checking all my bones. I lay still as I could (the medications I'm on for my back make me itch!) and afterwards, she said nothing. I'll have to wait until I hear back from the doctor. I'll be calling him starting tomorrow morning. I have to know. (Maybe someone had to blow his nose and the mri film was handy???)