Thursday, May 29, 2008

False Advertising

Had a talk today with Teresa! She told me that she had washed her kitchen floor the same day that she had her port put in. And that she had been awake while they inserted it. I tried to be so lucky. Heather and Mom were there for me yesterday (Wednesday.) Surgery to put in my port was scheduled for 7:30am. I told the doctors that I had a 9:15 appointment and so they couldn't put me completely under. Whatever. I got home and ended up sleeping all day and all night. That's what the "light" anesthesia did for me!

I tried to make my 9:15 appointment. I made special arrangements to have the surgery done earlier so that I could make it on time. I struggled to come out of the anesthesia enough to tell the nurses that I was "wonderful". They had to get x-rays to make sure that the port was in place and that they hadn't punctured my lungs, etc. I got dressed and told them that I HAD to leave. After the report came in, Mom and Heather helped me out to the car. Even then, we were 15 minutes late to Dr. Chenal's (oncologist-cancer doc). I began throwing up on my way in, thanks to the anesthesia. The front desk had been called and told we would be late, but even at that, we were told that we'd have to reschedule my appointment. They said that they didn't have time for me.

We weren't happy about this, so they had a nurse come out. She told Mom that there were already patients in all the rooms and they had a procedure that had to be done. "And besides, we're missing some of the paperwork," she announced. "What is missing?" "The pathology report." Well! Why didn't they call and change the appointment themselves if that's what the real issue was?

So, I get to go to Dr. Chenal's tomorrow (Friday) at 10:30. I'll have to take time off from work. I hope that they have all the paperwork by then.

I have to say that they are so great at work (Kamiakin High School's Life Skills class). Everyone is positive and understanding. We laugh a lot. We cry sometimes. I'm really, really lucky to get to work with such a wonderful bunch of people!!

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