Sunday, August 23, 2009

Knock, knock...... Who's there?

Biggest boy has launched out on his own. It's been 8 days since he left. He had to go to save us the chaos, but he's been back.

Friday he called to see if he had any mail. "Yup." "Can I come get it?" (He's still pretty hesitant...) "Yeah, come on over!" "Really?" "Yeah," I told him.

So, he knocks to come in and gets his mail. I asked him if he wanted a peanut butter sandwich. "YEAH!" he says. I made him one and then had to get something from the pantry. He asked if he could have a few things.... "Yea, sure... a few." So he took a bag to our pantry, I gave him a few cucumbers and nectarines, too. He was grateful!

Yesterday, no call, but ..... knock, knock.... "hello, anybody home?" He stopped by again to talk... and get an envelope & postage. Today, he knocked again... just to talk. He's way too big for the britches around here. But, talking for a few minutes here and there is nice... and all right!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hair hair hair

So, here's me with some hair - finally. Though I am considering ways to add bang extensions - maybe draw some on???