Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Losing Hair

June 24, 2008
My hair started falling out this morning. I was lounging around talking with Mom and reached up to brush some hair out of my face and instead came up with a handful of maybe 30. Each time I tugged, I got that many more. AAAAAGH. This wasn’t supposed to happen until the third treatment – and I just had the second one yesterday. I cried. Mom cried with me. My sister called and we all three cried!

I finally got up and dressed and we went to get my hair cut. It’s shorter – like a guy's. I sobbed through it all. Lisa, the hairdresser was so sweet! She comforted me. When it was all off, she suggested we add some color – PINK! I agreed. Then Heather wanted pink hair and even Mom got some pink. Mom and I just have a touch. I might go back to get more done, but I’m not sure how long there will be hair to color… it might all disappear this week.

Next we stopped at Fred Meyers and checked out the hats. I found two identical ones that I’m in love with. One is light beige, the other red. Heather calls them “newsies” hats. I guess I’ll wear them around when I don’t want to do the wig thing…

June 25th -
8:00pm I've only been awake a couple of hours today. We got some cherries at a place on tenth avenue. I love them, but only ate a few. Too much work. I'm too cold. Too sleepy. My hair hurts. I've been a bawl baby today. (Stephen called tonight. He's in Atlanta, GA on his way to Ft. Benning (sp?) He says it's hot. I'm NOT bawling about him being gone, in case you wondered. It's nice and quiet around here now. Biggest discussion going on is whose turn it is to read the last Stephanie Meyers book that Lorna lent us...)


Lois said...

Hi Lisa,
If it's any consolation, my hair started falling out after the first treatment too. It's summer, we are the lucky ones! Being bald in the summer was the best and you're going to love the ease it brings to life when you might not feel good enough to take care of hair anyway. (Another plus - no shaving legs - it's great!)
Love you!

mandikins said...

Oh, I am loving the pink in the hair!! That is so awesome Heather and grandma also got some. I love the support! maybe I will do it too! Then when someone asks, I can be like, " I support my aunts with breast cancer!" I am so glad grandma is living there helping with you and your house and family. Amazing. It's great, and you are great. we love you!! Oh, I bought my daughter Ireland breast cancer toys, like the kind you freeze for teething. ha ha. the money goes to the cancer research and stuff. :) anyway take care.