Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9th 1st Chemo appointment

We made it in from the blustery weather (been this way since January) to the Cancer Center at 9:00 am sharp. We had discussed being late and wondering if they'd reschedule my appointment (like 2 weeks ago), but no such luck. We arrived on time... and waited almost 25 minutes staring at the aquarium.

Mom and I were taken to my own little room. Walls were decorated with pretty quilts. A chair, IV stand and tray added furniture to the room. The focal point was a brown vinyl recliner. It was very comfortable.

Nurse Leila checked my vitals and swabbed my port site. Told me not to breathe on the site since it needs to stay sterile. I wrapped myself up in the cozy blankie Aunt Marilyn sent me (Yes! I remember to feel her hugs everytime I put it on!) Leila started up the IV and flushed me with saline solution both before and after the treatment. First into the IV was more saline (clear), next up was some Kytril - a clear solution that is an anti-nausea medicine. I'll take the pill form twice a day for several more days (as well as Emend (aprepitant) once a day and Phenergan (promethazine) every 6 hours if I still feel sick.

Next in the IV was THE CHEMO. The first drug was red. It was called Doxyrubicin, also known as Adriamycin. This IV took about 15 minutes. When it beeped, they replaced it with the Cytoxan (clear). This one took about 1/2 hour or more. I had watched a video for first time patients and then Nurse Leila talked to me about the side effects of both drugs. She told me to stay away from crowds (school??) because my white blood cells (among numerous other things) are killed off or stopped being produced during chemo.

I didn't feel very different during this time. My chest got tight during the first chemo drug, I got woozy at the end of the second one. Then I was finished. Voila! No problems. So far I have no green skin, purple fur or horns. I understand it's the 3rd day (Wednesday) that I may experience some problems. It took about 2 hours or less. I was surprised. I'd heard that it was much longer.

I go back tomorrow for a Neulasta (sp?) shot to build up my white bood count. And, my diabetes went wacky tonight. I have to keep tabs on it since it apparently goes HIGH after chemo treatment. I must finish drinking my 3 quarts of water, too. (Only 2 more to go.)

Teresa from school called and checked up on me while Mom and I were at Highland Health Food Store (we went there following my appointment.) She called again later. What an angel to be so caring! We called several people to tell them the good news. I know that all the many prayers and Max and Dad's blessing me yesterday and Dad Rickords' special prayer at the family get together made this possible!

On a scale of 1-10, I now feel like an..... 8 (headache and touch of nausea which might be from the high blood sugar. Also, hot flashes every so often. Whine..whine..whine....)

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