Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday the 6th of June

Tracy kept Sherry and I laughing today on the transit (city) bus. We were taking our Life Skills (handicapped) students out in the community as we do every school morning for a couple of hours. The boys were asleep for most of the journey. Tracy told us about her experiences growing up Catholic and attending Catholic school. I laughed so hard about her "confessions" that I cried! It did us good to laugh:)

We had a "graduation" party for our Life Skill's sole graduating senior today. After feeding my student his cake and ice cream, I left. Lots of tears on my part later, wondering if I'll make it back for the last week of school. I have planned to take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off next week. (School doesn't get out until the 16th here - due to all our "snow days.") I am wondering how the chemo will affect me... The wig shop staff indicated that patients come in looking "green" or "ashy"... Speaking of which, I need to call the wig shop because I saw their number on my caller id.

Went to nephew Jonathon's graduation tonight. He was salutatorian and gave a great speech.

Other notes: My sloshing and leaking appears to have quit. But, I am lumpy and bumpy all over. (Teresa said that she told her doctor that she looks like a road map with all her scars. I am starting to feel the same - but this is one map that feels like it's been left out and run over by a bus. Time for bed.)

p.s. Tonight after the graduation, my sister-in-law and I were discussing the benefits of losing your hair. We decided that 1) I will be "cooler" in the summer. 2) I will keep the sunscreen products in business as I cover my baldness daily. And 3) I definitely won't have to worry about getting head lice from anyone!

"In every thing give thanks" 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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