Friday, September 12, 2008


Home sweet home. I made it home last night (Thursday) about 8pm. The doctor had come by and "released" me about 5pm, but you know how things take time.....

On Wednesday, I didn't see a doctor until 8pm. He told me that he needed to talk with a urologist. So, on Thursday when I saw Doc Budweiser again (I kept looking, but couldn't quite catch his entire last name... it was something like Bun...weis...) he told me that he had talked with the urologist (who has an equally unpronounceable name) who told him that sometimes with chemo, a person can get "uric acid" stones in the kidneys. He said I may have had one which would explain all the blood and the pain in the right side. Well. I don't want to do that again. Hope my body has it figured out how to avoid future occurrences.

My chemo nurses were concerned enough about me when I didn't show up on Wednesday (Dr. Chenal forgot to tell them about my hospitalization) that they called Max and asked what was going on. Then on Thursday, Diana - Dr. Chenal's physician's assistant - that I see every other visit - stopped by and checked me over to make sure I was doing okay. She was so nice. Dr. Droesch who did my cancer surgery saw my name and stopped in to check on me, too. He said that he would be seeing me many more times in the future as he keeps tabs on this cancer.

Cleta came by on Thursday with flowers. So sweet! Tracy, Teresa and Sherry from Kamiakin's life skills class - where I will eventually get back to working - stopped in on Wednesday and chatted and brought a plant and the funniest get well card. We laughed for two hours. I was very well-taken care of during my stay at the hospital! And am VERY glad to be home again... Where I will wait for chemo #7 to take place NEXT Wednesday (the 17th.)

p.s. I have a VERY VERY sparkly clean shower and bathroom since Kathy stopped by and brought her bucket of cleaning supplies. YEA! It hasn't sparkled like this in years! THANK YOU!

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