Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Address: Kadlec Hospital Room #316

Help. I'm being held captive here at Kadlec Hospital. Can't be released until my kidneys start behaving - discard their infection and lose some inches!

I figured I had some kind of urinary tract thing going again Monday. Drank water by the gallons. Didn't do the trick. Tues. morning at 4am I woke and was in awful pain in my right side. I got in to Kania Clinic as soon as they opened. By then I was throwing up and my "sample" was dark brown. The doctor told me to go to the emergency room. I chose Kadlec and he called them and sent paperwork with me. When I got here at Kadlec, I was treated like royalty! I figured it was because the clinic had called ahead. Nope. Each of us was given his own wheelchair as soon as we arrived and after visiting a triage nurse, I was shown a room and was seeing a doctor - all within 45 minutes! I am still in amazement! This is NOT the treatment we've seen elsewhere!

They gave me medication for the kidney infection and did a CT scan, since they were wondering if the pain was from gall stones, kidney stones or appendicitis. It showed that my kidney was enlarged and infected. I guess the doctor took one look at this bald diabetic with a kidney infection and decided to keep me as an unusual specimen or something, cuz it's Wednesday - after 2pm and I'm still here. Haven't seen the hospitalist since last night when I was admitted.

One of the nurses here said that I may be here a few days. Sigh. This was NOT in my plans. I was supposed to teach the lesson at the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers meeting yesterday afternoon. And take Taija to her new job. And get ready for chemo #7 that was supposed to be today.

Actually, I have to confess. I just wasn't getting enough attention. I had to do something drastic to keep the focus on ME and this was it - coming down with a grand kidney infection. They're giving me IV's and being generous with the Ciprofloxacin. And feeding me well. And I'm sleeping a lot. And feeling special! And my family is being taken care of extra well by grandparents (brought pizza last night!) and our dear Relief Society President!

A few numbers:
*21 - the number of times I was poked, prodded or wakened from being admitted at 4:30pm until 5am this morning. Even more since then. They really like my blood; they must have some caged vampires they're feeding.
*Two - number of chest x-rays they gave me - at 8pm last night (I thought my kidneys were on my right side - with all the pain???)
*Once/day - the number of pain medication doses I am allotted (they called the doctor and made some adjustments)
*Twice - the number of times Heather has visited me today. She came back with my laptop and toothbrush and insulin pump supplies. She's been very caring and helpful - what a sweetie!
*40 minutes - amount of time between bathroom visits (with the IV going, I keep running!) I figured out how to unplug the IV and get around and back and replug it rather than waiting for the nurse assistant to keep helping!
*3 - number of hospitalists - doctors - to see all us patients in the hospital today. Nurse said I should get a visit by 5pm. (He came at 8pm!)


Sleepless In St. George said...

oh sorry you're not feeling well...just use this time to pamper yourself...lots of rest and you time!

Susan Bateman said...

Hi Lisa,
Remember me from when we lived in Kennewick? Well, we live in Parker, Colorado now and I just wanted you to know that clear down here, we are thinking of you and praying for you and following your blog. Hope your hospital stay is short and that everything is under control soon with your infection. You are so positive! It is uplifting to read your comments. Keep it up!

Mary said...

I'm soory to hear of you hoapital visit. Hope it is a short one and not a pre-cursor of things to come. Feel better soon! I'm glad Heather is close enought to help. Daughters are pretty special. You are in my prayers.