Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dr Klarnet

The doctor has turned this case over. It'a too big for him. My vital signs yesterday were too much -bp 77/55. So, I'll just have to show him - I'll make it past these next few months!!!!! I'll carry on through the 23rd Psalm (This is what's gotten me past the last two months!!!!) I'll finish the last two lessons in my New Testament class!!! Just see! AND PLEASE JUST CHEERY NOTES!!!


D said...

You can BE and DO anything Lisa!!!! Keep the faith, and know that you are loved beyond belief!

D said...

Oh...I forgot to mention....I asked your mom if I could send you something, like flowers or a fruit basket...I was floored when she said you'd probably like an "exotic dancer"! is it my imagination, or has she become more liberal than I recall?
Love you!
Your cousin, Dawn

S. Medrano said...

Joan has been helping me stay caught up on your 'adventures'. I'm praying for you and your family. Tell Kyle I said hi and I miss him!