Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doin normal

so, I'm doing just the normal things...... Eating lasagne from Costco (told Dad we HAD to stop there after the coumadin clinic...) we got us some main dishes for the rest of the week.... Susan and dtr came by - looked good enough for them - not sure what that may be but I'm not anything but tired...... Dawn made a wonderful comment on my last blog. It's had me laughing for quite a while!!! Thank you!!!!!


Mandi said...

Did you ever get the invite to my blog? I made a cute post all about Ireland. If you and grandma and grandpa can see it it might make you all smile. :) we love you!

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

Hey we were in the hosptial at the same time. If I would have known I would have came to your room to visit. Don't you love that you go for shots, scan, blood work, docs appt what ever it is it seems to always take longer than you thought it would. I was asking about you last week in out paitent oncology. If they know when you were coming in again. But you know the nurses they are so good to doing there jobs they can't and wont share any info about other patients. I go in every day for shots that I was wanting to visit you when you were there too. Thanks for the updates. I am not the best at commenting but I do look in on your blog to see what is going on.