Monday, March 23, 2009

More attention please!

Sorry. I just wasn't getting enough attention lately. Had to come up with something new and interesting..... I got an ear infection and staff infection over the weekend. The infection covers my left chest and my left arm. Went to the Kania Clinic last night and Dr. Kania put me on two different antibiotics. I can't work until this clears up. So, I stayed home and tidied the house and mended a dozen things.

Some good news, though: I wrote two essays for my history class and have found a historical book for my third essay.


Mandi said...

oh man :( feel better soon! love ya!

Dweezleboss said...

I'm not sure that listing your health issues will result in more attention.

However, if you were to offer chocolate chip cookies--well, how could I resist?

Seriously, I hope your body gets it all together--soon. Give it a good talking to!

It is possible the removal of a major burden from my life will result in me being together enough to see you more. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I can hope.

Love you