Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our 4th of July

Breast Cancer isn’t for Boobs! My friend Carol in Colorado told me this phrase – she, her sister and her cousin are all in various stages of treatment for breast cancer. While it is totally unfair and unthinkable that so many, so close would go through this awful predicament, it is also cheering when someone knows exactly what it means to be nauseated, tired, hairless and craving an oddball item of food all at the same time. She’s been a well of wisdom for me! So glad that her last treatment is next week (I’ll bet they sing “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow” for her like they do for those here at the Tri Cities Cancer Center when they “graduate.”)

Our air conditioning gave out on the 3rd. It was hot all day. Very hot. I sweat an awfully lot now that I am bald. Mom and Dad took me out to Panda Express (where it was air conditioned!!!) … mmmmmm. Afterwards, we bought blocks of ice to put in front of our fans to help cool the house. Thankfully, we found a repairman to come out and fix the problem the next day – what a nice way for him to spend his 4th of July holiday…

On the 4th we went up to Dayton to spend time with the Rickords relatives. I was worried that my baldness might disturb the younger ones. Nope. Hannah and Lynae painted my head in red, white and blue! In turn, I painted stars on their cheeks. We were very patriotic! Later, the boys and I went to see the fireworks in Pasco. I love the colors, the noise and the WOW!

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Donna Colson said...

Lisa, I just left you a long message, then I found out I have to log in and get a password and everything, so I think that message got lost. I've never done this before. So here goes again.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you. I watch you lead the music and you are always so pleasant and happy. If you're covering for inner hurt, it doesn't show. Anyway, I admire your attitude. What you're going through must be so difficult. I just had a couple of scarry experiences this year, and so did Stan. Your experience has to be much harder, but I can feel for you a little, since I've had similar reactions to drugs and so forth.

You have the support of the ward. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I love and admire you. Hang in there. Donna Colson