Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Once some good news....

I was going to share with you some very good news. My brain MRI came back with excellent results - all the doctors were very impressed that the tumors there are SHRINKING! Yea!!! Monday Dr. O'Grady told me how unexpected the results were.

Then Monday night I ended up in the hospital because I'd been throwing up for 2 1/2 days and I was dehydrating. I spent the evening/day in the hospital getting rehydrated .... I felt tremendously better that night and early Tuesday morning. The next day, I was supposed to have a Dr. Klarnet (cancer center) appointment and more chemo, but, the soonest I could get out of Kadlec was 11:30 a.m. We got home and back to the cancer center appointment. Dr. Klarnet had a boatload of questions for us that we had absolutely no answers.

We determined from the blood work that I was nauseated again because I need to return to my steroids full-time. Also, my blood platelets levels were skyrocketing - another indication that I need to be back on the steroids. It shows that my body is under a lot of stress. I stayed there at the cancer center getting rehydrated AGAIN and getting more steroids and anti-nausea drugs. They are going to do three tests this week - PET scan, brain MRI and an ultra-sound to see if it's a gall-bladder problem. He said that he's going to start at square one and determine what is going on with my cancer.... and there will be no more chemo until we find out what's going on, either.

So, once there was some good news... maybe there will be more later.....

A big thank you for those who brought us dinner tonight. We certainly needed it and it was delicious!

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