Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Tattoos

Went to two doctor appointments today. I start chemo next week in addition to the radiation. I had the forms made today for next week's radiation - a mesh mask for my head and they added tattoos to my right arm and pelvis for those areas. I guess I'll be beautifully covered with dots (got tattoos for the breast area when they did it last year). Larry and Kurt - the radiation guys - same as last time sent me through the CT scan a few times and had me all marked up. Guess I'm ready!

Went to Albertsons today - got to ride around in their little electric cart and get some of their specials. That's two places I've been now that weren't doctor's offices! Yippee!

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cpoulson said...

Did you ever think in your life you'd ever be getting tatoos? Me either! I made a comment when my niece was listening about getting four tatoos... her eyes got bigger and bigger (she is 8) and I had to explain why I had tatoos, and that they were just small dots! I call them badges of honor! Keep on keeping on, Lisa! Love you!