Thursday, October 16, 2008

Started Radiation!

It's been an exhausting week being back at work. And my eyes have been running! I promise I'm not crying! At least not today. After work Monday I was very emotional and cried for two hours. Not really sure why - just over-tired, I guess.

Monday, I also got a digital mammogram - they take much longer than regular ones. After being kneaded, squished, and rayed, the technician showed the results to the doctor. After a bit, she returned with Dr. Weighall in tow. I thought for sure if he was showing up, the news must be bad, but no: things looked great!

Wednesday, after work, I went to the Cancer Center and got marked up again and x-rayed. This was their final check before radiation started - which began today.

Every day now after work until December 3rd I'll go in to the cancer center, put a hospital top on, lie down on a table, get lined up according to my tattoos, then lay there for about 8 minutes. The hardest part is not getting to move! I can't even itch my nose!! I try to concentrate on looking at all the colorful ceiling tiles - yesterday's room had some from Kennewick High. This room today had a sign that its tiles were from the boys and girls clubs. They had lots of "Be Happy" phrases everywhere. So, I took their advice and am. Just tired, though.


Sleepless In St. George said...

starting radiation means you are that much closer to finishing radiation....yeah! Glad the mamogram went are in my prayers.

Carol Ann said...

Lisa-- today was my last day of radiation! It goes so fast! It'll just become part of your routine, and then it'll be over. And it is a piece of cake, compared to chemo! You'll do great! Be DILIGENT about putting on whatever skin stuff they tell you to. It will help! Good luck, girl! Yo've made it through the worst of it! Love, Carol