Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ready? Set! Go Home...

Lorna graciously took me to chemo today. I even convinced her to stop by weight watchers first! I had her drop me off at the cancer center since I go an hour early for the blood tests. The nurses were fascinated by the nasty appearance of my hands. I put the Biafine cream on them so that they wouldn't look like I have leprosy. It didn't fool Dr. Chanal. He decided against giving the treatment today. He says my hands need another week to heal.

I was disappointed. Adding a week to my treatment is NOT in my plans! Lorna picked me up and took me home and comforted me while I bawled. I sure am weepy lately. It doesn't help that the steroids I took yesterday kept me up until 4:30am. I was so wired that the Valerian Root didn't work nor my Restless Leg Syndrome medication. I guess it's good that I won't have to take that today & tomorrow.

Another blessing that Lorna mentioned is that this rash/leprosy stuff didn't go to the palms of my hands. Dr. Chanal kept asking and was surprised that it hadn't. Just under my finger tips. I guess that I would really be miserable if it had!


Carol Ann said...

Oh, Lisa!
Hang in there! You don't know how many times a day I think of you! I'm several weeks out now from chemo, and my head is covered with peach fuzz-- so I guess the hair really does come back. I feel pretty good, too! Keep hangin' tough, and let everyone spoil you who will!

NaDell said...

I'm so sorry to read about your diagnosis. I'm glad that you're getting through it and the outcome looks good. Watch some Pollyanna, right? There's always some silver lining, like roast beef Sundays? Is that how it goes? I need to watch it again too.